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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Please Pray.

I don't know who reads this blog but if you happen to be reading this post PLEASE PLEASE PRAY for my cousin, she is very ill and currently on life support. Please pray for her family, her doctors, and nurses. Pray that she is able to fight off this infection. Thank you.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Want to win a $250.00 shopping spree....

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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Oregon is BEAUTIFUL!

Logan was released from the hospital and we continued on to our vacation-we are very Thankful for that!!
Oregon is beautiful...the beach, the waterfalls, the farms, the city, all of it was just pretty. We had a wonderful time and really enjoyed siteseeing...but mostly we loved the time we had to visit with family.
These two are just ADORABLE!! and look just like their BIG Brother Cole!! I will miss ALL 3 of them terribly...

Tyler surprised me at the beach- he LOVED it! he walked right into the water and just enjoyed every second of this new place....
We miss having a Del Taco this picture is for Kyle! He could have eaten there EVERY.SINGLE.DAY!! ( and honestly so could I!!)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I'm in the twilight zone...

My 9 year old is in the hospital! He just had surgery!?!?! We are 4 days from vacation....this is just unbelievable.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Garage sales and an all time low.....

I Think this post qualifies for the "Not me!" carnival hosted by MckMama:

No Pictures yet.....so there was going to be this HUGE Moving sale...and I got up and got all the kiddos dressed and in the car by 7:15am yes you read that right! stop at Mcky D's grab a very healthy breakfast....drive to tim buck too...NO SALE NO NOTHING!! WHAT!?!?!?! oh well lets see what we can find.....drive along find a few really big neighborhood garage sales- Tyler starts to cry, so I stop and go to lift him out of his carseat and well he's had and explosion! (and if you don't know what that is well all I can say is you haven't lived yet!) so do the best I can to clean up the mess change him and do I have extra clothes in the car? no. do I have any in the diaper bag? no. do I have any in the "emergency" diaper bag? (you know the one that stays in the car in case I forget the other one) no. hmmm. what to do...wrap the boy up on a blanket. I'm obviously going to have to go home and get him dressed right? no. theres a sign for more garage sales. LOTS of them. so I turn. OH.MY. there's a double stroller! I've been looking for one yippee...STOP the car. get out. take naked baby with me. (he has a diaper on!) walk up. NINTY DOLLARS! NO.WAY...I can't leave I've hit the Jack pot there's at least 10 sales on this street....about 3 garage sales up another double stroller----on please be a good price.........15.00---SOLD!! oh and so she proceeds to show me how the middle lays down so that a baby could stretch out and sleep, seeing that I'm holding a sleeping baby...I'm so excited I momentarily forget that I'm holding a NAKED sleeping baby and go to lay him down and yup she sees he's not dressed and pipes in that she has clothes for a 12 month old for sale!?!?...this is the all time low part...buy said clothes and dress baby in driveway put sleeping baby in *new* stroller and continue on down the street to the rest of the sales....honestly I can't believe myself. (the clothes were clean I checked she said so he's still alive so all is well. I'm just thinking you know your a redneck when.........)